What Special Meanings Are Hidden in Liko Bijoux?

What Special Meanings Are Hidden in Liko Bijoux?


Hi, I am Kouali, Chief Visionary Officer of LIKO Bijoux, my brand that displays the French expertise in style that we see in modern jewelry as we do in couture at Paris Fashion Week, along with the inspiration from my heritage, Akan artistry at its finest. 

Are you curious about why I started a fine jewellery brand?

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My bank advisor posed this question months ago, saying:
"Une joaillerie ? Eh ben, il vaut mieux se tromper jeune qu’à 50 ans »
The translation: “A fine jewellery brand? Well, it’s better to be wrong when you’re young than when you’re 50.”

When I think about that statement, I understand why it’s important to be motivated by more than money. It’s important to know what you stand for. It’s important to go after what has meaning to you. And I design jewellery that is about celebrating my rich cultural heritage blended with Parisian polish and sharing it with you.

I also think about LIKO Bijoux’s logo or emblem, which may appear to you as resembling a flower or a butterfly.

Liko Bijoux - Joaillerie Fine / Fine Jewellery

It is an adaptation of the Adinkra symbol, Bese Saka, which I will say more about in the future. (Stay tuned to my weekly blog posts!) For now, here is a taste of what Bese Saka is

Bese Saka - Luxury Afro art
BESE SAKA "sack of cola nuts" symbol of affluence, power, abundance, plenty, togetherness and unity.
The cola nut* played an important role in the economic life of Ghana. A widely-used cash crop, it is closely associated with affluence and abundance. This symbol also represents the role of agriculture and trade in bringing peoples together.
From : Adinkra.org

As you may know, the Akan tribe is found in:

- Côte d’Ivoire (where I am originally from);

- Ghana (where I learned how to speak the English language);

- Togo (no personal story for the moment). 

I wish for LIKO Bijoux to be a symbol of affluence, power and abundance like
Bese Saka in the fact that it represents the jewellery field with precious materials (affluence) and gold has always been a must for kings and queens (power). And, when you gift yourself something of beauty, isn’t that fulfilling and creating a sense of abundance? 

Of all the meanings of Bese Saka, the most important to me are togetherness and unity.

Why ?

When a jewellery brand designs and creates a piece for a very special buyer, it is the representation of many people coming together – from the designers to the craftsmen and women, to you. Isn't that beautiful and thrilling ?

Until the next jewellery/joaillerie (for the amazing French touch) week, be safe.


*Cola nut: A nut used widely in a red and white brand beverage (of course you know what brand it is), which is a marketing master...

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