Sankofa ? How about art-inspired fine jewellery with a strong meaning ?

Sankofa ? How about art-inspired fine jewellery with a strong meaning ?

Sankofa ?

I find the word and its meaning so powerful. Sankofa! It is the mythical bird that can teach us so much!

Hello, I am Kouali, Chief Visionary Officer of LIKO Bijoux, fine jewellery that merges/marries/blends french modern jewellery and Akan artistry at its finest. 

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Now, let’s have a moment of introspection like the Sankofa:  

- When you look back at your life, what are you the most proud of?

- Do you cringe about things you did in the past? 

- How do think your life experience shaped the person you are today ?

- Do you wear a special piece of jewellery which reminds you of some past experiences, the pillar of the person that you are today? 

 San-Ko-Fa, in Twi Language from Ghana, means: “There is nothing wrong with learning from hindsight”. This proverb is represented by a bird having his head turned backwards and its feet forward. Sometimes the bird is represented as it is carrying something precious on its back, like an egg. 


From Google Bank images

18th/20th Century from Ghana 
held by Bristish Museum

"Thus, the Akan believe the past serves as a guide for planning the future. (…) it is this wisdom in learning from the past which ensures a strong future.
The Akans believe that there must be movement and new learning as time passes. As this forward march proceeds, the knowledge of the past must never be forgotten." Written by : BEREA college, Carter G. Woodson Center “The Power of Sankofa Know History”

 Parisian architecture, Royalty, Paris 8ème arrondissement, 8th arrondissement

This is a picture of a place I used to live in Paris when I was younger. Every time I pass by, I remember my younger years and the lessons I have learned since then. I reflect on how I have changed and grown, and as I move forward in my life I know I will continue to change and grow. I do not believe in looking back too long or with regret, but I do believe in the wisdom of the Sankofa that there are lessons to be taken by understanding our history.

In designing the Sankofa collection, my goal was to create a beautiful Parisian line with a strong Akan identity. In a way, to me, this is the best of two worlds of art and design. I strongly believe that jewellery should only be about you and what you feel life has taught you in your years on earth.

How amazing to have such a symbol in the Sankofa bird and jewellery to encapsulate it. 

A beautiful blend between art and lifestyle. 


Which piece of LIKO Bijoux’s Sankofa collection might you be drawn on and why ? 

View our Sankofa collection here.

Until the next jewellery week, stay unique and sparkle in the world.



Your Akan Chic & Parisian Jewellery Friend and Designer. 


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