Why the name LIKO Bijoux - Fine Jewellery ?

Why the name LIKO Bijoux - Fine Jewellery ?


As you may (or may not) know, I am Kouali, Chief Visionary Officer of LIKO Bijoux, my brand pays tribute to the French expertise in style that we see in high-end and fine jewellery, along with the inspiration from my heritage, Akan artistry at its finest.  

With LIKO Bijoux, the Akan artistry is joined to the French aesthetics in its variety of forms. 

But where did I get the name LIKO? And why do I spell “jewellery” the way I do?

LIKO is a derivation of my name Kouali.

I took a few of the letters and played with them! BIJOUX is French for “jewellery.”

As for the spelling I use, the US writes “jewelry” but the UK spelling is “jewellery.”


I learned how to speak the English language in Ghana, which is a UK English speaking country, as it was a British colony. I wanted to pay tribute to this part of my life in my brand. 


This bit of introductory information is something I wanted to share so that you would see how important elements of past and present are to the future of my LIKO Bijoux – Fine Jewellery brand.  


Now that we are getting so well acquainted (yay!), I know we will have many interesting stories to discover together about the Akan, my love for Paris, and the inspiration behind each of my designs. 

Until the next post, 

Stay safe and keep sparkling! 


Your Akan Chic & Parisian Jewellery Friend and Designer. 


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