Why Choose Fine Jewellery Inspired By African Art?

Why Choose Fine Jewellery Inspired By African Art?

Jewellery is looked upon as pieces of art that help women reflect their personalities and make an appealing fashion statement. Most pieces of fine jewellery are handcrafted using precious metals, gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. Adorning them has been a huge part of culture everywhere around the world for years! 

Being one of the oldest art forms, every piece of jewellery carries a story and that story helps you define your own body and identity to the world. Take the example of fine jewellery inspired by African art at Liko Bijoux which is a perfect embodiment of a story deep-rooted in the Akan culture. Each of the pieces is handcrafted etching the story of the mythical bird of their culture- Sankofa. Wearing any of those jewellery helps you portray your understanding of the culture and desire for creative expression.  

If you are looking for some great reasons to buy fine jewellery made of art and traditional values, read through this comprehensive blog. Here, we help know the facts of African jewellery art. Africa is one of the leading sources of authentic metals and stones used for handcrafting jewellery. So, without further ado, read on to know how jewellery evolved with time blending art and modernity. In this blog, we also specifically talked about the fine jewellery collection made by our designers incorporating Akan’s culture and its artistic story! 

What is Fine Jewellery?

Jewellery is more than just a fashion statement! Women as well as men and children wore pieces of jewellery since historic times. There were meaningful stories and art engraved in each piece. In a true sense, jewellery pieces are irreplaceable and timeless adornments that can make anyone look stunning. 

But, today, we get to see a lot of minimalistic fashion jewellery and fine jewellery that are useful for everyday wear. There has been a lot of confusion in most women’s minds about fashion jewellery and fine jewellery. However precisely, any jewellery that is made of precious and authentic metals like gold and silver is considered ‘fine jewellery’. 

Fine jewellery is made of solid gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and sterling silver. Since they are made of authentic metals and stones, they tend to last longer without needing much care or attention. Any pieces of fine jewellery last longer, even more than 20 years, and would not tarnish a bit. This is the key reason; jewellery is passed on as heritage pieces in many cultures. 

In addition to this, fine jewellery has distinct characteristics. They are made intricately with classic designs and stunning styles. They are generally ideal for regular wear of their elegance and small size. While you can find them at affordable prices, many large-sized and gorgeous pieces of fine jewellery cost much higher! 

If you wish to buy everyday jewellery online, choose fine jewellery only because of its long-lasting feature. Also, it lifts your self-esteem by making you feel good. Fine jewellery is even a great item to gift your loved ones. 

Importance of Fine Jewellery Inspired By African Art

When it comes to fine jewellery, Africa has a great history to share with the world. While today, there’s a new wave of African designers and jewellery houses, each of their roots originated ages ago. Africa is home to varied metals (including gold and silver) as well as minerals and precious gemstones. 

With their sources of raw materials, each region of the continent bred its jewellery art and style. For instance, Ghana stemmed from a gold heritage. It brought into the world many striking neckpieces and other jewellery pieces using geometric shapes and techniques like filigree. Apart from pure gold, they also used different alloyed mixtures such as gold and brass or gold and silver, to make jewellery. 

You can guess how the African continent has developed an incredible world of jewellery with the unique jewellery arts of its 54 countries as well as the tribal regions. Each country or region in the African diaspora has developed a distinct jewellery craft and has stories to convey.

Now, come to the fine jewellery inspired by African art!

There is ample evidence that suggests that the world of jewellery has its roots in Africa. People of the continent are the first ones to handcraft jewellery and wear them. They carefully made bright, lustrous, and textural jewellery with different techniques by hand. Their traditions of making jewellery as well as wearing them are then passed on to the generations. 

For this reason, the fine jewellery of Africa which evolved from the rich art and handwork is not just mere adornment for bodies. From rituals and traditions to religious occasions, jewellery is a part of everything for its beauty and story. Women, men as well as children wear them from an early age. Most of the time they must wear the jewellery pieces because they are the African descent.  

The pieces of fine jewellery from Africa are exquisite artworks made of precious metals. They take many forms and are also expensive because of the precious materials used such as gold, silver, precious stones, or diamonds. That is why African people consider jewellery as a pure storage of wealth and a symbol of social status or prestige. They are seldom considered ornamental items for the body but are a part of religious customs and ceremonies for this reason. 

Facts about African Jewellery & How is It Different

While the best designer jewellery collection of every leading brand includes some artistic fine jewellery, it is easy to recognize the fine jewellery inspired by African art. Want to know how? It’s because they are made into dignified pieces, comparatively smaller in size. You can distinguish them by their delicate sculptural forms. 

While many pieces are made today with contemporary designs, they still hold fascinating stories incorporated by the people of the continent or different tribes during ancient times. This is one of the key reasons fine jewelleries from Africa is trending today around the whole world.  

Here are some further interesting facts about the fine art jewellery of Africa that you need to know.

  • Fine jewellery has a tribal history associated with it

The African fine jewellery that we see today has a vast history associated with the tribal community of the continent. Tribal people used any materials that were available locally to handcraft jewels or jewellery pieces. They traded and exchanged (or bartered) them for essential items for centuries.  

Gradually, many of the pieces, especially the ones made of costly gold, silver, or other precious stones were considered items for inheritance. With that notion, they became a part of the customs and cultures of different regions or countries within Africa. 

  • They use exquisite materials and are uniquely shaped

African people used anything, literally, any materials that were available to make jewellery! While most exquisite pieces were made of precious metals, diamonds or gemstones, many customary items were made using wholly organic materials like seeds, nuts, carved stones, egg shells, ivory, husks, wood, porcupine quill, and what not!  

Traditionally, African jewellery pieces were made to be worn on the neck, ears, fingers, wrists, ankles, waist, and hair. Some of them were even worn after piercing parts of the body. However, the contemporary fine jewellery inspired by African art that modern women wear today includes earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Most jewellery pieces are uniquely carved and shaped. You can find them in different sizes, from petite earrings or rings to gorgeous large-sized bracelets and necklaces.   

  • Incorporates some exceptional values

The African jewellery world came into existence due to some exceptional ideologies which are then carried on by later generations consistently. First, jewellery-making was considered a commercial gain for society as well as individuals. Also, it helped them acquire experience and artistic skills while making the jewellery piece. Eventually, they considered jewellery trading an essential source of income which made people financially independent. Also, African people moved forward with a commitment to clean up their environment by making sustainable pieces.

The stories, ideas, and values perceived by individuals while making the jewellery sharpened their artistry of individuals which gradually helped them to create more unique and beautiful items. 

  • Contemporary pieces are also handcrafted

Backed by a rich history and traditions, African fine jewellery pieces were sheer pieces of handwork. To hold the essence, the jewellery designers and brands today are still handcrafting their pieces skillfully with lots of details. By using fine-quality materials and stones, they beautifully handmade earrings, rings, bracelets, and cuffs that are suitable for everyday wear as well as occasional wear. 

Inspiration Behind Fine Jewellery at Liko Bijoux

The jewellery collection of Liko Bijoux has made a mark in France and Italy for its fusion of art and design.  

Liko Bijoux is rooted in the Akan art and culture. Akan people who live in Ghana and the Ivory Coast in the Western part of Africa are the true inspiration behind this. They made jewellery taking distinct concepts or stories of the past such as the story of the Sankofa bird and its egg. Those stories crossed through generations and various cultures. They never lost their real meaning because people carried them in sculptural forms and elegant jewels.

Want to know how Akan’s rich story and culture inspired the everyday fine jewellery collection of Liko Bijoux? Take a look. 

  • Sankofa Collection

The best designer jewellery collection at Liko Bijoux is crafted taking inspiration from the Sankofa bird, a significant mythological bird incepted in the Akan culture. 

Sankofa is a mythical Adinkra symbol that today appears in fashion and fine jewellery, as well as fabrics and pottery. Sankofa means ‘to go back and retrieve”. It is specifically an Akan term and gave a whole new significance to the beautiful work of jewellery. 

Wearing the Sankofa collection of Liko Bijoux will make every woman feel proud and confident. It helps them reflect their sense of style as well as taste in art and deep-rooted cultures. If you are planning to buy everyday jewellery online, this collection is the best to choose from. They help you to represent your urge for learning while regaining the constructive things from the past.  

  • Origin and How Sakofa is Related?

The story of Sankofa originated in African studies. In ancient times, African scholars adopted the concept of the Sankofa bird to depict what they strive to do. Sankofa means going back to the past and bringing forward what is valuable and useful in the present. 

You can notice that the bird is twisting its head behind to bring an egg laid on its back. Sankofa is hence considered a symbol of positive learning. It establishes the connection between the past with the present for its iconic concept. It is said that connecting past values with the present helps us enhance our learning which we can use to shape our understanding of the future. In simple words, the Sankofa story is honoured by the people of Akan, Africa as well as the world because it taught an invincible strategy for existence, endurance, and development. 

Our Sankofa collection at Liko Bijoux is not just unique for its handmade designs but also because it carries the core value of ‘continuous learning'. The story of the bird resonates with our self-taught designer as well as the brand. 

  • 4 Sankofa Collections You Get at Liko Bijoux Store

We truly value learning from the past and every woman’s journey is embedded in this story. Keeping in mind the contemporary jewellery style, we handcrafted our art inspired Sankofa collection, which comprises a cuff and 3 varieties of earrings. 

  1. Handmade Cuff with Tiger's Eye Stone - Sankofa

Liko Handcuff


Our cuff bracelet is an exclusive artful indulgence collection available at an affordable price. It is completely handmade by designers in France and is made of 18K gold. It is a one-of-a-kind cuff piece crafted using the concept of the Sankofa bird. To create a round cuff with perfect symmetry, two birds were infused into the design. While the heads of both birds are meant to close or join the cuff loosely at the wrist, their bodies are joined together at the centre of the cuff. To make the centre appealing, we placed a Tiger’s eye stone. The stone is black. The stone in the centre along with the yellow gold body make the cuff bracelet look awesome. 

This unique piece is perfect for daily wear as well as festive or occasional wear. If you are looking for some fine jewellery to beautifully adorn your hand and reflect your artistic urge this piece is the best one to buy!

  1. Sankofa Bird Shaped Pearl Earrings in White Gold

Liko Sankofa White Gold

If you love wearing small and delicate earrings to style up your everyday look, get this pair of Sankofa bird-shaped earrings embellished with a sterling white pearl. They not just look elegant on the ears but also help you to stand out even in a casual look!

Made of white gold of 18K or 14K purity, this pair of earrings is an exemplary one to add to your everyday collection. The bird is beautifully designed with fine detailing, and you can seek how its beak twists backwards to take the egg. The shining pearl is attached to the stud earring piece and hangs below. When worn, it looks pretty, and the pearl adds to the radiance of pure white gold.  

If you need something simple but attractive enough to glam up your everyday dull look, this one is for you!

  1. Sankofa Bird Shaped Pearl Earrings in Yellow Gold

Liko Sankofa Yellow Gold


For the ones, who love earrings in yellow gold, they can buy our Sankofa bird-shaped earrings made of 18K or 14K yellow gold. While the design is the same as that of white gold pieces, this pair is also ideal for wearing on occasion. It’s because they have a distinctive shine due to their yellow appearance. 

This pair is petite and never looks too much whether you are wearing it with your work attire or a traditional or contemporary western outfit. The unique shine in the design, the Sankofa bird inscription, and the hanging pearl together make this pair of earrings truly unique for modern fashionable women.  

Handmade by one of the best designers in France with love, our Sankofa earrings in yellow gold can make your face gleam any day, no matter how formal or grey your outfit is. Buy this pair if you want to add something unique to your collection of earrings. 

  1. Sankofa Bird Shaped Pearl Earrings in Rose Gold

Liko Sankofa Rose Gold

Wearing any jewellery pieces made of pure rose gold are much more distinguishable than any other precious metals because of their soft golden shine that has a tinge of pink shade. It is because rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. The percentage of copper in the alloy determines the karat or purity, which can be 18K and 14K.

We at Liko Bijoux use both varieties of rose gold to handcraft Sankofa earrings with a magnificent pearl hanging. Rose gold looks stunning in all types of outfits including regular wear for its universal soft appeal. 

To add an amazing pair of earrings to your new collection of jewellery, buy this pair of rose gold pieces from Liko Bijoux available at a reasonable price.   

Shop Exquisite Fine Jewellery Inspired by African Art at Liko Bijoux!

The best designers around the world are changing the definition of fine jewellery as well as fashion jewellery. They are redefining jewellery as pieces of art to be worn on the body. However, this idea of considering jewellery as a form of art was incepted centuries back! African countries including Ghana and Ivory Coast in West Africa are the ones behind the evolution of jewellery art.  

Liko Bijoux’s collection draws its design idea from the symbolic story of Akan’s Sankofa bird. Even there is a special meaning hidden in Liko Bijoux. It is a prime example of fine jewellery inspired by African art. You don’t just wear them but also carry a legendary story with you. Our pieces of earrings and cuffs are appropriate for everyday wear because they help you stand out even in regular wear or formal attire.  

Wearing art-inspired fine jewellery creates an epic fashion statement. If you realize this and want to raise your inner self with style and charisma, buy everyday jewellery online from our store!



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