Top 9 Best Designer Jewellery Collection For Everyday Use

Top 9 Best Designer Jewellery Collection For Everyday Use

Jewellery is every woman’s constant companion regardless of their age! You are always looking out for something new or unique to reflect your best style and make you look beautiful. 

However, picking the perfect piece of jewellery from the best jewellery brands isn’t that easy, right? It is especially true if you are someone inspired by art and culture and want to pick the most stunning piece for yourself every time. This comprehensive blog will help. Here, we assembled the best designer jewellery collection in France that are out-the-box and will complement your everyday look and style. 

Benefits of Owning Everyday Use Jewellery

Jewellery is a common choice among fashion as well as non-fashion enthusiasts for one prime reason. It defines their personality and speaks about their sense of style. Besides, who wants to bear the same dull looks every day? That is why women look to buy everyday jewellery online that is elegant and makes them graceful wherever they go. 

Earrings or rings made with ethically sourced diamonds are widely preferred by women for everyday wear. It’s simply because a shining diamond in a simple piece of jewellery can glorify their look in and out. That is why diamonds are called the ‘best friends’ of women! If not diamonds, gold is the next best choice for women to complement their regular look!

Classic pieces of gold jewellery are not just classy but they are also more affordable.If you love jewellery and need more reasons to enrich your everyday jewellery collection with unique designs, here are they. 

5 benefits of wearing everyday jewellery with stunning designs 

  • Express yourself: 

    Choosing to wear a piece from a fine jewellery collection will always give you the chance to express yourself. Even though you wear stylish clothes, pair of earrings or a nice love bracelet will show your emotions or boldness.  
  • Complements your outfit: 

    Designer jewellery brands provide pieces in the most creative designs, styles, or colours. So, you can always choose something that perfectly goes with your outfit and adorn your look for the day.  
  • Cost-effective: 

    Everyday jewellery collection is precisely made of metals like gold or silver and sometimes incorporates precious-coloured gemstones. For that reason, they do not wear out easily. Besides, they are always made small-sized keeping in mind that they must be comfortable to carry. This makes them cost-effective and you can easily choose an affordable piece online. 
  • Enhances versatility: 

    Pieces of everyday jewellery are truly designed for everyday uses. Even if you wear the same outfit every day, you can choose variations of rings, pendant necklaces, or earrings to carry a different look each day. 
  • Major conversation starter: 

    Needless to say, designer jewellery will be a great conversation starter. Everyone has an affinity towards fine jewellery and tends to give compliments whenever they see anything in graceful or innovative designs. So, wear them often at your work or a usual party if you wish to start a conversation easily. 

Staying Up To Date with the Jewellery Trends

There are countless options when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for your everyday look or a special occasion. While you should always choose a distinct and well-designed piece, also do not forget to go with the latest trends and buy something looks fashionable in recent times.

Here are some of the top fashion jewellery trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and beyond if you want to choose the most stylish pieces for yourself. 

There is an exceptional interest of modern women in artistic jewellery pieces. It is easy to say why! Those notable pieces of jewellery are inspired by the traditions and art of a particular culture, country, or ethnic group. So, each piece has a different story to tell. Akan is a meta-ethnicity living in West Africa, the natives have a distinctive taste of art and jewellery. They are renowned for their gold craft and knowledge, which adds extraordinary detail and meaning to their designs.

Collect the designs and the jewellery inspired by Akan art and flaunt a unique style every time you step out! A combination of contemporary and traditional is the new trend,so plan your next purchase accordingly!

Sporting a look with one such unique piece with your outfit will show your taste in art. It will hence reflect your versatile personality in your usual space and make you stand out.  

  • Love collection

Rings of gold or diamond are the best way to define love among a couple. These days, most designer jewellery brands come up with a love collection with a scope for customisations. A couple can engrave their initials on the rings or can get them designed in a heart shape. They can also choose colours of the enamel coating in bright shades like red, pink, or blue. 

If you have someone special or want engagement rings for your big day, choosing from this collection is the best decision. 

  • Sustainable pieces  

People are becoming environmentally conscious and looking for sustainable options in whatever they use regularly. Sustainable silver jewellery or gold jewellery is growing in popularity because it can be easily recycled and made into new unique pieces without affecting the quality. 

Choosing such sustainable pieces of jewellery in gorgeous designs will give you aesthetic as well as environmental benefits. 

  • Statement pieces

Women today have an exceptional interest in statement pieces that go well with any attire. Those pieces go with different outfits and can also be worn in any way depending on your desired look. 

Also, the statement pieces are versatile because they are not limited to any colours or styles. For instance, you can adorn a simple white gold or rose gold ring with an enamel layer with bold hoop earrings as both will together complement your look. 

  • Pearl incorporated pieces

Pearl art rings and earrings are capturing a lot of attention today. Thanks to the glamour and shine they radiate that enhances your face or hand. Pearl necklaces also hold a special place in the jewellery box. 

Because of their elegance, pearl jewellery can make your everyday look graceful and attractive. They are the ultimate choice for many fashionable women as they give an extra edge to their style sense. You can explore our best designer jewellery collection that has earrings with pearl embellishment. 

Why Wearing Rings and Earrings is Just More Than Fashion

Rings and earrings are not any more just fashion accessories for women around the world but a necessity. They love to wear sophisticatedly-designed earrings and rings with casual or formal clothes to complement their looks in the best way and outshine others. 

Every modern woman regardless of their age is more drawn towards rings and earrings because of the following reasons.

  • They are more affordable:

    Out of all types of jewellery pieces, rings and earrings are the most affordable because they are petite. Moreover, size does not define the beauty of those pieces. Even a ring with a tiny diamond looks wonderful on the hand. Likewise, simple stud earrings of gold with make your face glow! So, you can buy a ring or earring of precious materials like gold or diamond within your budget easily which is difficult to find for necklaces and bracelets. 
  • Best brands bring the best collection:  

    The best fashion jewellery brands worldwide are consistently updating their designs and coming up with gorgeous pieces now and then. Also, they have the best designer jewellery collection in Akan gold for every occasion or festivity and sell online. Clearly, for this reason, women find it hard to resist buying trendy rings or earrings from these brands to uplift their style or look before any occasion.  
  • They are versatile: 

    Rings and earrings are the most versatile pieces of jewellery that can be worn everywhere or for any occasion. When it is something worn regularly, women tend to buy more pieces and have a vast collection so that they could wear them interchangeably. 
  • They accessorize any dress or persona: 

    Earrings or rings are great accessories that can glamourize any type of outfit. If you want to wear a sporty or funky outfit, you can wear accessories them. If you are wearing a party gown or a special traditional dress for an event, you can choose more striking rings or earrings accordingly. Also, with a wide variety of rings and earrings available, you can choose the one that fits your persona or mood. 

How Rings and Earrings Uplift Your Personality?

Whatever piece of jewellery you choose to wear, it says a lot about you. While personality is not something to say or explain, it has to be exhibited to others. Jewellery pieces that you wear with your everyday look are best to make a statement of your personality to others. 

If you are wondering whether your choice of rings or earrings will uplift your personality, the answer is ‘yes.’ You can choose the type, designs, materials, and shape of the pieces that perfectly go with your personality. 

For instance, if you are outgoing and like to stay cheerful all the time, go for cool costume jewellery. If you are middle-aged and appreciate simplicity and grace, choose pieces from the luxury line with minimalist designs. If you have a taste for art and want to reflect that through your personality, choose classic designs that are crafted taking inspiration from the historical stories and values of your country or origin. 

Types of Jewellery That Will Enhance Your Look at an Affordable Price 

If you want to have the best designer jewellery collection in your wardrobe so that you have a jewel for every event, occasion, and celebration, check out the rarest collection at Liko Bijoux. 

We are an art-inspired jewellery brand in France and offer intricately-designed rings and earrings that will make you outshine others. Specifically, our pieces of jewellery inspired by Akan art are gaining widespread popularity in France and Italy. Want to know why?

Our unique collection is based on Akan’s story of a mythical bird, Sankofa. The story of this bird is rooted in the African culture which twists its beak backwards to bring forth an egg from its back or tail. Sankofa, in other words, thus describes the phrase ‘going back to the past and bringing forward the knowledge that is useful today”.

Check out these nine types of jewellery pieces designed with iconic style and Akan’s Sankofa story. 

  1. Sankofa Bird-Shaped Pearl Earrings in White Gold


If you have a fondness for chic stud earrings, our French earrings in I8K gold or 14K gold is what you need in your everyday collection. Made of pure white gold, this pair of earrings comes in the shape of a Sankofa bird. These earrings have an egg-shaped pearl that makes them look more distinct and elegant. 

This mythical bird holds a crucial place in the heart of the Akan people and made them believe that the past serves as a guide for nurturing their future. If you are someone with an origin in Africa or seek diversity in fashion, our white gold Sankofa bird-shaped earrings are a must-have! 

  1. Sankofa Bird-Shaped Pearl Earrings in Rose Gold



For women who need something classy as well as affordable, rose gold jewellery is a great choice. If you are one of them, you can buy our similar French earrings in I4K gold or 18K gold. Our rose gold Sankofa bird earrings are beautifully handcrafted keeping in mind the regular look of women. 

While a fine jewellery collection of rose gold always has a separate charm, wearing our Sankofa earrings with a pearl is going to catch everyone’s attention wherever you go. 

  1. Sankofa Bird-Shaped Pearl Earrings in Yellow Gold



Our Sankofa bird-shaped earrings with pearls can also be a favourite addition to your jewellery box. Made from Akan people’s inspiration from the Sankofa bird, these pearl earrings will not only enhance your look but also reflect your quest for knowledge.  

Hence, wearing our yellow gold bird-shaped earrings is recommended if you want to accessorize your everyday casual look. It will make you appear stylish while putting forth a solid persona.

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in Yellow Gold with White Enamel



At Liko Bijoux, you can even find egg-shaped rings in I8K gold and 14K gold that are petite and perfect for everyday wear. To give them a sophisticated look, we have provided them with a white enamel coating.  

The egg-shaped resembles the Sankofa bird’s story and is the symbol of wisdom and learning from the past that Akan’s people want to take forward with them. 

Wearing this ring designed with a distinct concept will reflect your personality and sense of acceptance in the modern world. No doubt, this white enamel-coated ring made of yellow gold will be a beautiful addition if you want to carry a simple yet classy look.

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in Rose Gold with Pink Enamel



Buy our egg-shaped ring of I8K gold or 14K gold which is available with a coating of pink enamel. Wearing this rose gold ring on your finger lets you carry a vivid look. This is a must-have if you are young and inclined to buy French luxury jewellery with gorgeous designs and pleasant shades. 

Pink is also a colour of celebration or joy! So, if you have any festive event or occasion coming up and want to accessorize differently, choose this petite Sankofa-inspired egg-shaped ring with pink enamel. 

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in White Gold with Blue Enamel



Rings are known for their versatility. At Liko Bijoux, we design our rings to meet the fashion taste or needs of every woman. Anyone preferring the bold or brave look can choose our egg-shaped white gold ring with blue enamel. 

The combination of white and blue makes the ring extraordinary when worn on the finger. You can buy our blue ring available in 18K gold or 14K gold to wear whether you want to wear it regularly or for any special occasion. 

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in White Gold with Green Enamel



Our egg-shaped ring is available in different shades including green. If you want a contrasting ring to match your light-coloured outfit and give you energetic vibes, our pure white gold ring with a bright green enamel coating is the one you should buy.

While you can wear this green-coloured ring regularly, it will also go with any occasional look including festivals or parties. 

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in Yellow Gold with Red Enamel



You can choose to buy our large egg-shaped ring with red enamel for the next special event including engagement. Red is the colour of love and you can pair it with our white or blue ring for your partner.

Handmade in France, our yellow gold rings look striking in the hand when worn and can make anyone go wow. It is again inspired by Akan’s story of the Sankofa bird. So, to move ahead in life with your special one, embrace this epic concept and get a pair of our beautiful rings.

  1. Egg-Shaped Ring in Rose Gold with White Enamel



If you are looking for something totally elegant, choose none other than our egg-shaped ring made of rose gold and plated with white enamel. Rose gold itself imparts a distinctive radiance and together with white enamel, it will outshine any other ring in terms of elegance. 

Inspired by Akan art, our egg-shaped white ring of rose gold will help you develop a feeling of confidence and self-consciousness and radiate positive vibes. 

With our best designer jewellery collection, we seek to inspire you with our core value, that is, continuous learning and acceptance. So, if you are searching to buy fine luxury jewellery online with fine and notable designs, explore our collection that is gaining prominence in France as well as the United Kingdom. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a jewellery piece, there are plenty of choices! With many best jewellery brands offering the best designer jewellery collection, making a choice becomes much more difficult. So, we provided some of the best tips and trends to help you buy everyday jewellery online by understanding the special meaning hidden in Liko Bijoux.

We also presented our appealing collection of rings and earrings that you should know about. Some of our unique designs are best-selling fine jewellery in Italy and France that are handcrafted with love and carry Akan’s epic story of the Sankofa bird.   

From stunning stud earrings to perfectly coated gold rings, Liko Bijoux has the most innovative pieces of jewellery for everyday wear at affordable price ranges. What are you waiting for? Check out our collection of French luxury jewellery inspired by African art and buy pieces with iconic designs for yourself if you want to be beautiful, bold, or outstanding among the crowd.
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