A Parisian Fine Jewellery Maison rooted in an Afro culture: The Akan

A Parisian Fine Jewellery Maison rooted in an Afro culture: The Akan

Do you appreciate fine jewelry made of cultural significance and a modern twist?

Akwaba*, I am Kouali, the founder of LIKO Bijoux - Fine Jewellery ! I design fine jewellery combining my Akan origins, from actual Ghana & Côte d'Ivoire, with my Parisian lifestyle.

My designs are for you, who:

-likes the unconventional,

-loves jewelry made in limited quantities such as to outstanding yourself from the crowd,

-believes jewelry is an extension the person's way of approaching life,

-is keen on learning about others, new cultures and self discovery,

-loves art and art fairs in general, African art such as the Akan and the regalia, 

-searching for a brand, which is about continuous learning, respect and courage,

-loves French jewellery craftsmanship, finesse, and design aesthetics,

-sees jewellery as an investment for them and maybe the next generations.

My love for gold however was shaped when I was a child, my mum used to love and still loves gold jewellery.

Through traveling, reading and discussing with my family and teachers in Ghana & Côte d'Ivoire, I understood that within our tribe, the Akan tribe, gold played a central role and generations later, we are losing the knowledge of gold's historic importance to the Akan culture and economy.

Living in Paris and visiting place Vendôme with the beautiful jewellery brands shaping the industry, I decided to launch my jewellery brand as an invite in one of the earliest gold communities in West Africa and the Parisian aesthetics.

Akan Young Man - Afro King - Black Young African Man - Wearing Kente Colourful cloth

Akan Boy wearing a Kente Cloth and Gold Jewellery.

Picture from The Akan Index's Instagram Page: circa 1973, Ghana.


Follow me and my brand LIKO Bijoux - Fine Jewellery in this journey about Discovery, History and African-inspired jewellery design. 

Hand drawn Jewellery with Akan Symbolisms

*meaning Welcome, in Baoulé Language an Akan Group from Côte d'Ivoire. 

Until the next jewellery week, be safe.



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