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The earring pieces are intricately shaped in the form of the Sankofa bird with a pearl hanging below with a delicate gold attachment. We use white pearls that are sleek and precious treasures. They are designed egg-shaped and harbour perfect luminescence. To create the best style statement, choose from our delicately crafted and art-inspired earrings made in France.


Our Egg-shaped rings are available in many variations, from yellow gold and rose gold to rhodium-plated white gold. With purity of 18K gold and 14K gold assured, our rings look more elegant and richer. Our rings are also embedded with the most authentic sourced materials that reveal their beauty on your hand. A stunning piece that you can include it in your everyday look.

Everyday jewellery

If you are searching for fine quality jewellery and wish to buy everyday jewellery online made in France to add elegance and persona to your everyday look, Liko Bijoux is the ultimate stop. With our bespoke luxury jewellery designs, we cater to the needs of women who have impeccable fashion sense.

Our best selling products

Our precisely designed Sankofa egg-shaped pearl rings and Sankofa bird-shaped earrings are the best-selling products of the iconic perception that they carry. Both are based on Akan’s traditional belief in the Sankofa bird which signifies the use of past inspirations in the present to build something unique.

While we created various other stunning jewellery pieces infusing ideas of various notable fine jewellery brands, Sankofa incorporated pieces are our personal favourites too. We use the most precious materials including pearls, 18K gold or 14K gold, and enamel coatings to create every piece that lasts long without losing shine and radiance. Discover our best-selling jewellery pieces available in gold and choose for yourself or your loved ones!

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Born from Art & Identity

Born in diversity

Designed in Paris, France, Liko Bijoux is infused with the creativity, modernity and multi-culturism the city represents.


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